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Hovem AS, established in 2020, performs engineering studies from home office.

Knut Hovem has 30 years’ experience from the oil and gas industry, from international operations and from the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Hovem AS is based in Oslo Norway.

Knut Hovem

Lead / Senior Well Engineer / Completions Engineer


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Assessment of oil and gas field development plans considering the most current industry practice

Due diligence, independent assessment of technology and field development plans prior to acquisition

Design of water injection wells

Design of CO2 injection wells with respect to the need for sand control and zone isolation

Examination and learning from existing wells and completion installations in the past

Design of deep geothermal well with respect to design for thermal expansion of pipe


Project 1

An operator with subsea tieback of a small gas field wanted an assessment on the need to gravel pack for sand control. We reviewed all data and compared the predicted production and reservoir pressure with other producing gas wells all over the world. We provided a report with engineering rationale for why the well should be gravel packed and recommendation for how to best gravel pack this well.

Project 2

An operator of a medium size subsea field development wanted an assessment on the need to back flow water injection wells prior to injection from host facility. We reviewed the wells and supported a back flow recommendation for two of the wells.

Project 3

A suppliers of wells equipment wanted to provide a training course on well construction methods for its employees. We prepared the course material and provided 2-day training at their office site.

Project 4

A large supplier of well construction technology wanted an independent assessment of the technology owned by a small company prior to acquisition. We assessed the uniqueness and value of the technology from a technology buyer perspective. 


After an initial conversation you will receive a link to a secure SharePoint site. You upload the material you want us to consider. We will study the material and answer any question you may have. We produce the reports that are useful to you.


We will deliver on the scope, according to agreed timeline and to agreed cost.

We will not invoice unless you are 100% satisfied with our work. 


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